Table 2

Logistic key figures

MS (n=221)DS (n=314)P value
Ground bound transport distances (km) (median (IQR))
 Onset to RH12 (4–21)
 RH to CSC48 (23–50)
 Onset to CSC*9 (3–23)60 (36–82)<0.0001
Time metrics (min) (median (IQR))
 Onset to RH imaging83 (63–118)
 RH to CSC imaging141 (112–181)
 Onset to CSC imaging72 (56–102)232 (191–291)<0.0001
 Picture to puncture time†57 (47–75)182 (144–217)<0.0001
  • *Including all transfer routes.

  • †Picture to puncture time=time interval between initial CT scan and groin puncture at the CSC.

  • CSC, comprehensive stroke center; DS, drip and ship; MS, mothership; RH, referring hospital.