Table 1

Studies included in this pooled analysis

Study, No of patientsStroke networksTriage conceptsYears of recruitingYear published
Seker, n=12615Heidelberg, GermanyDS, EXT2012–162018
Brekenfeld, n=7413Hamburg, GermanyDS, EXT20162018
Osanai, n=133*14Hokkaido, JapanEXT2015–192019
NEUROSQUAD, n=44017Heidelberg, Germany and Hamburg, GermanyDS, EXT, MS20182020
Morey, n=22819New York City, USADS, EXT, MS2016–182020
  • *67 patients were included from the initial study, 66 patients were treated after publication of this study until December 2019.14

  • DS, drip and ship; EXT, thrombectomy at external hospital; MS, mothership.