Table 3

Receiver operating characteristic analysis of hemodynamic parameters to diagnose carotid web versus mild/moderate atherosclerotic stenosis based on logistic regression adjusted for degree of stenosis

Variable modelpAUC95% CI
rAUC total0.9570.897 to 1.000
rAUC WI0.6310.422 to 0.841
rAUC WO0.7410.568 to 0.914
rFWHM0.8670.737 to 0.996
rTTP0.6310.427 to 0.836
rMS0.6000.364 to 0.836
  • AUC, area under the curve; FWHM, full width at half maximum; MS, maximum slope during wash in; pAUC, predictive area under the curve; r, relative (normalized to distal common carotid); TTP, time to peak; WI, wash in; WO, wash out.