Table 1

Summary of included studies

StudyCountryCOVID-19 period
Patients (n)
Comparison period
Patients (n)
Metrics included in meta-analysisIncluded a CSC
Aboul-Nour 202118 USA121264LKW, DTIYes
Agarwal 202019 USA120634LKW, DTI, DTN, DTR, DTGYes
Altschul 20208 USA3644LKW, DTGYes
Amukotuwa 202011 Australia2431818DTIYes
Aref 202120 Egypt136118LKWNo
Candelaresi 202121 Italy148327DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Chen 202122 China135128LKW, DTI, DTNNo
Cummings 202023 USA6135239LKW, DTNYes
D'Anna 202124 UK514353LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Ghoreishi 202025 Iran232355LKW, DTNNo
Gu 202126 China99153LKW, DTNNo
Huo 202127 China3670LKWYes
Jasne 202028 USA211167LKW, DTN, DTRYes
John 202016 UAE130109LKW, DTN, DTGYes
Katsanos 202029 Canada1811LKW, DTI, DTN, DTR, DTGYes
Kwan 202030 UK2833DTR, DTGNo
Li 202131 China2142LKW, DTGNo
Luo 202132 China315377LKW, DTN, DTGNo
Mag Uidhir 202033 UK703755DTI, DTNYes
Mitra 202034 Australia5257LKW, DTIYes
Naccarato 202035 Italy1629LKW, DTN, DTGNo
Nagamine 20209 USA4864LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Neves-Briard 202017 Canada156138LKW, DTI, DTN, DTR, DTGYes
Padmanabhan 202036 UK101167LKW, DTN, DTGYes
Paliwal 202037 Singapore144206LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Plumereau 202038 France101107LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Rinkel 202039 Netherlands309407LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Rudilosso 202040 Spain6883LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Siegler 202041 USA53275LKW, DTI, DTNYes
Tan 202142 China110173LKW, DTN, DTGYes
Tejada-Meza 202043 Spain304492LKW, DTN, DTGNo
Teo 202010 China7389LKW, DTN, DTGYes
Uchino 202044 USA188717LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGYes
Velilla-Alonso 202145 Spain83112LKW, DTI, DTN, DTGNo
Wang 202046 USA255320DTN, DTGNo
Yang 202047 China2134LKW, DTR, DTGYes
Zhang 202148 China2332LKW, DTGYes
Zini 202049 Italy145138LKW, DTI, DTN, DTR, DTGYes
Total610914 637
  • Studies are categorized in the following order: first author name and year, country of the first author’s affiliation, the number of participants in the COVID-19 period and the pre-COVID-19 period, the time metrics that were reported in each study and included in analysis, and whether the study included a comprehensive stroke center.

  • CSC, comprehensive stroke center; DTG, door-to-groin; DTI, door-to-imaging; DTN, door-to-needle; DTR, door-to-reperfusion; LKW, last-known-well.