Table 4

Description of morbidity and mortality at 1 month and 1 year

Patient NoHunt and Hess grade at baselinemRS score at 1 monthmRS score at 1 yearAdjudication of the relationship between the event(s) and the clinical impactDevice related
1II6Vasospasm 6 days after the procedureNo
2II26General status deterioration. Patient >70 yearsNo
3II44Initial SAH, Periprocedural vasospasmNo
4III54Initial SAH, vasospasm 3 days after the procedureNo
5II43Periprocedural thromboembolic event, 2 vasospasms 1 and 2 days after the procedureNo
6II53Initial SAH, pulmonary/respiratory diseaseNo
7II54Hydrocephalus 1 day after the procedureNo
  • mRS, modified Rankin Scale; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.