Table 3

Characteristics of retreated aneurysms according to size, location and neck size

PatientLocalizationMax DNRMean widthRR grade before retreatmentTiming of retreatment (months)Retreatment modalityComplications after retreatment
1PCom1.505.9II4Flow diverterNone
2MCA bifurcation2.389.8III10Coils and stentHeadache
3ACom1.697.5III4Coils and stentNone
4MCA bifurcation1.6110.7III7Coils and stentAcute stent thrombosis during retreatment with coils+stent.
Treatment with tirofiban bolus and infusion.
Resolved without sequelae
5ACom1.9211.23II10Coils and stentNone
  • ACom, anterior communicating artery; DNR, dome to neck ratio; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PCom, posterior communicating artery; RR, Raymond–Roy.