Table 1

Baseline aneurysm data

Aneurysm sizen=417
 Dome width6.99±5.28 mm (1.0–32.0 mm)
 Neck width4.47±2.28 mm (1.0–15.0 mm)
 Very small (<4 mm)13131.4
 Small (≥4 – <7 mm)13632.6
 Medium (≥7 – <10 mm)6415.3
 Large (≥10 – <25 mm)8119.4
 Giant (≥25 mm)51.2
Aneurysm Locationn=420
 ICA, cavernous4911.7
 ICA, paraophthalmic24959.3
 ICA, terminus20.5
 ICA, petrous20.5
 ACA, A1 segment61.4
 MCA, M1 segment143.3
 MCA, M2 segment20.5
 ACA, distal.10.2
 Anterior communicating artery51.2
Aneurysm morphologyn=420
 Segmental disease41.0
Rupture statusn=420
 Previously ruptured215
 Acutely ruptured (<21 days)71.7
Previously treatedn=420
Previous treatmentn=55
 Previously coiled and flow diverted*11.8
 Previously clipped23.6
 Previously coiled5294.5
Clinical status of aneurysmn=420
  • *Previously flow diverted with p64 flow modulatiion device.

  • †Aneurysms that were not ruptured, not symptomatic, and not previously treated.

  • ACA, anterior cerebral artery; AChoA, anterior choroidal artery; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PComA, posterior communicating artery.