Table 1

Factors pertinent to the endovascular interventional decision-making process and associated treatment outcome.

FactorCase 1Case 2Case 3
Age (years)20s50s50s
Focal neurological deficitLeft hemiparesisExpressive dysphasia, right hemiparesis and neglectCollapse, left hemiparesis
CVST locationSuperior sagittal sinus (central third)Left jugular bulb, sigmoid, transverse, straight sinusRight sigmoid sinus and upstream right internal jugular vein, superior sagittal and right transverse sinuses
Additional intracerebral hemorrhageSAH over vertex; hemorrhagic transformation in the deep white matter of the frontal lobesLeft temporal hemorrhage with intraventricular extensionRight frontal lobe hemorrhage with associated SAH
Time from admission to EVT (days)231
Type of EVTMechanical thrombectomyMechanical thrombectomyMechanical thrombectomy
Outcome of EVTPartial recanalizationComplete recanalizationPartial recanalization
ICP monitoring requiredYesNoNo
Admission length42 days18 days; 2 weeks further inpatient rehabilitation23 days; 2 weeks further inpatient rehabilitation
mRS prior to admission000
mRS at 30-day follow-up (or closest available)433
mRS at 90-day follow-up222
  • CVST, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis; EVT, endovascular treatment; ICP, intracranial pressure; mRS, modified Rankin Scale score; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage.