Table 2

Safety and efficacy results of Diversion-p64 in comparison with similar prospective non-randomized studies involving other flow diverters

Studyp64 (Diversion-p64)PED (PREMIER)FRED (SAFE)SurpassDerivo
Time point of last follow-up12 months12 months12 months6 months18 months
Number of aneurysms42014110318696
Anterior circulation100%95%100%85.5%88%
Average aneurysm size (mm)6.99±5.285.0±1.92Not Reported10.4±0.714.2±16.9
Percentage of adjunctive coiling14%3.5%22.4%19.3%49%
Patients with safety follow-up at 12 months88.6%99.2%95.1%93.2%93.8%
Complete occlusion83.7%81.9%73.3%75%82%
  • *4% permanent morbidity for treated anterior circulation aneurysms.

  • †1.7% mortality for treated anterior circulation aneurysms.

  • FRED, flow redirection endoluminal device ; PED, Pipeline embolization device.