Table 2

Multivariable logistic regression analysis for independent predictors of very poor outcome (modified Rankin Scale (MRS) 5–6) at 90-day follow-up

CharacteristicsAll patientsMT patients
aOR95% CIP ValueaOR95% CIP Value
Age (years)1.071.04 to 1.09<0.001*1.091.05 to 1.12<0.001*
Sex (male)0.820.49 to 1.380.460.750.33 to 1.650.47
Atrial fibrillation1.110.66 to 1.850.690.870.37 to 2.020.75
NIHSS on admission1.020.98 to 1.070.371.040.98 to 1.100.17
ASPECTS on admission0.780.63 to 0.980.03*0.880.58 to 1.320.53
Intravenous thrombolysis1.680.85 to 3.320.132.221.05 to 4.730.037*
mTICI score after thrombectomy†XXX0.630.43 to 0.890.01*
Number of passages†XXX1.210.98 to 1.500.08
  • *Indicates significance.

  • †Excluded variables to incorporate all patients.

  • ASPECTS, Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; MT, mechanical thrombectomy ; mTICI, modified Thrombolysis In Cerebral Infarction; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.