Table 1

Summary of the results of the quantitative analysis

Liquid embolic agentOnyx 18Squid 18Squid 12PHIL 25%PHIL LV
Diameter2.0 mm
NBCA/iodized oilp>0.999 p=0.035 p>0.999 p<0.001 p<0.001
PHIL LVN/AN/A p<0.001 p>0.999
PHIL 25% p=0.002 p>0.999N/A
Squid 18p=0.379N/Ap=0.200
Diameter1.5 mm
NBCA/iodized oilp>0.999p>0.999p>0.999 p<0.001 p<0.001
PHIL LVN/AN/A p=0.027 p>0.999
PHIL 25% p<0.001 p=0.073N/A
Squid 18p=0.790N/Ap>0.999
Diameter1.0 mm
NBCA/iodized oilp>0.999p>0.999p=0.520p=0.127 p=0.017
PHIL LVN/AN/A p<0.001 p>0.999
PHIL 25% p=0.002 p=0.012 N/A
Squid 18p>0.999N/Ap>0.999
  • Bold type indicates statistical significance.

  • N/A: no p value available since the Dunn’s test was only performed for corresponding LEA variants.

  • LEA, liquid embolic agent; LV, low viscocity; NBCA, n-butyl cyanoacrylate; PHIL, precipitating hydrophobic injectable liquid.