Table 2

Patterns and prevalence of thrombus migration stratified for segment*

Most proximal target occlusionDigital subtraction angiography
ICA extracranialICA-IICA-TFetal
MCA–M1 proximalMCA–M1 distalMCA–M2 proximalMCA–M2 distalM3/M4Prevalence of thrombus migration (n (%))
CT-/MR-AngiographyICA extracranial444116 (13.6)35 (11.9)
ICA-I103115 (66.6)
ICA-T-94-8210 (9.6)
MCA–M1 proximal111742114 (11.2)
MCA–M1 distal97115319 (16.4)36 (16.8)
MCA–M2 proximal665914 (20.0)
MCA–M2 distal1533 (16.6)
  • *Three patients had an isolated anterior cerebral artery (ACA) occlusion, all without thromus migration.

  • CT/MRA, computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging-based angiography; ICA, internal carotid artery; MCA, middle cerebral artery; PComA, posterior communicating artery.