Table 2

Ongoing IVT on flow restoration predicts functional outcome in multivariable analysis

mRS at dischargemRS at 90 days
aOR95% CIP valueaOR95% CIP value
Age0.960.95 to 0.97<0.0010.950.94 to 0.96<0.001
Female sex1.220.96 to 1.540.100.940.74 to 1.190.62
NIHSS0.890.87 to 0.91<0.0010.900.88 to 0.92<0.001
ASPECTS1.251.16 to 1.35<0.0011.231.14 to 1.33<0.001
Diabetes0.460.35 to 0.61<0.0010.440.33 to 0.59<0.001
SO to flow restoration, hours0.850.79 to 0.92<0.0010.840.77 to 0.91<0.001
Premorbid mRS0.650.58 to 0.73<0.0010.640.57 to 0.71<0.001
Ongoing IVT1.611.13 to 2.300.0091.521.06 to 2.180.025
Retrieval attempts0.770.71 to 0.84<0.0010.820.75 to 0.89<0.001
  • aOR, adjusted OR; ASPECTS, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score; IVT, intravenous thrombolysis; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; SO, symptom onset.