Table 2

Occlusion status (Raymond–Roy occlusion classification and WEB Occlusion Scale) shift for patients with 1 year imaging follow-up (n=140): 82 patients had both 1 year and 5 year imaging follow-up

RROC1 year5 years
1 (WOS A-B)2 (WOS C)3 (WOS D)Retreated (w/5 year image)No imageReason for no image
Early exitCOVID relatedOther
1 (WOS A-B)81434023281311
2 (WOS C)446110819973
3 (WOS D)1502157241
  • RROC, Raymond–Roy occlusion classification; WEB, Woven EndoBridge; WOS, WEB Occlusion Scale.