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Editorial Board

Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery Editorial Board members have agreed and adhere to the BMJ Editor Roles and Responsibilities guidelines; including our Editor policy on competing interests.
Felipe C. Albuquerque Declaration of Interests Barrow Neurological Institute Phoenix, USA
Deputy Editors
David Fiorella Competing interests Stony Brook University Medical Center New York, USA ORCID logo
Joshua Hirsch Competing interests Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA ORCID logo
Commissioning Editor
Michael Chen Competing interests Rush University Medical Center Chicago, USA ORCID logo
Associate Editors
Jildaz Caroff Competing interests Bicêtre Hospital NEURI Brain Vascular Center Le Kremlin Bicêtre, France ORCID logo Reade De Leacy Mount Sinai Hospital New York, NY USA ORCID logo Kyle Fargen Competing interests Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC USA ORCID logo Jens Fiehler Competing interests University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany Violiza Inoa Competing interests Semmes-Murphey Neurologic and Spine Institute Memphis, USA ORCID Akash P Kansagra Competing interests Scripps Health and Sharp Healthcare San Diego, USA ORCID  Thabele (Bay) Leslie-Mazwi Competing interests University of Washington Seattle, USA ORCID logo
Michael Levitt Competing interests UW Medicine Seattle, WA USA ORCID logo Mario Martinez-Galdamez Competing interests Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valladolid Castilla y León, Spain ORCID logo  Justin Mascitelli Competing interests University of Texas Health San Antonio, USA ORCID  James Milburn Competing interests Ochsner Medical System New Orleans, USA ORCID logo Edgar Samaniego Competing interests The University of Iowa Iowa City, USA ORCID logo Isil Saatci Competing interests Ankara Koru Hospital Ankara, Turkey ORCID logo 0003- 1690- 5501 Jai Shankar University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Canada ORCID logo
Associate Editors: Basic Science
Matthew Gounis Competing interests University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester, USA ORCID logo
David Steinman Competing interests University of Toronto Toronto, Canada ORCID logo
Assistant Editors: Technical Videos
Peter Kan Competing interests The University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, Texas ORCID logo
Maxim Mokin Competing interests University of South Florida Tampa, USA ORCID logo
Assistant Editors: Social Media
Dorothea Altschul Ridgewood, NJ USA ORCID logo
Andrew Ducruet Barrow Neurological Institute Phoneix, AZ USA ORCID logo
Editor Emeritus
Robert W Tarr University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, USA
JNIS Fellows
Adrien Guenego Lila Sheikhi
Jose Danilo Diestro
SNIS Board of Directors
President J Mocco, MD President-Elect Mahesh V. Jayaraman, MD Vice President Johanna T. Fifi, MD Treasurer Guilherme Dabus, MD Secretary Reade A. De Leacy, MD Education Chair Peter Kan, MD Member-at-Large: Neuroradiology Jeremy J. Heit, MD, PhD
Member-at-Large: Neurosurgery Justin R. Mascitelli, MD Member-at-Large: Neurology Sunil A. Sheth, MD Immediate Past President Michael Chen, MD Second Past President William J. Mack, MD Audit Committee Chair Justin F. Fraser, MD Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair Jenny Tsai, MD Governance Committee Chair Michael T. Froehler, MD, PhD
Ex-officio Board Members
JNIS Editor Felipe C. Albuquerque, MD SNIS Foundation Chair Blaise W. Baxter, MD, FSNIS
SNIS PSO Medical Director Sameer Ansari, MD, PhD
SNIS Standards Committee Chair Steven Hetts, MD

Publishing Team

Publisher: Jennifer Thomas Head of Portfolio: Kathleen Lyons
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