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SNIS 9th annual meeting oral abstracts
O-029 Results of prospective randomly allocated trial of novel acute thrombectomy device in a swine model of stroke
  1. J Mocco
  1. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Introduction We present the initial results evaluating a novel stroke thrombectomy device in a swine model of thromboembolic stroke. This new technology, termed the ReCover, maintains a number of critical advances in acute stroke thrombectomy, including improved clot grip and a novel proprietary distal embolic protection system.

Methods Two swine were prepared for multiple separate targeted vessel clot extractions with either a Solitaire or the new ReCover. A total of 19 appropriate vessels were identified across two animals. Random allocation was used to identify which particular device was to be used in each vessel, prior to clot injection. After each attempted thrombectomy the target vessel was graded for successful TIMI recanalization.

Results Both the Solitaire and ReCover thrombectomy devices were successful the majority of times. However, the ReCover achieved TIMI III recanalization eleven out of eleven times, whereas the Solitaire achieved TIMI III recanalization four out of eight times (p<0.05).

Conclusion We present the results of a prospective randomly allocated animal stroke model demonstrating a high success rate of the new thrombectomy technology.

Competing interests J Mocco: Edge Therapeutics, Nfocus, Lazarus Effect. Blockade Medical.

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